How To Use Text Messaging As A Sales Tool For Your Gym

How To Use Text Messaging As A Sales Tool For Your Gym

In today’s world, it’s much easier to text than to hop on a phone call. In many cases, this is true for your sales leads too. Depending on their occupation, answering phone calls might not even be possible for them. This is where text messaging comes in, and it’s totally underrated.

Here are five different ways you can start using text messages as a sales tool.

Follow up

Texting is a great channel for communicating with leads because it’s very likely they will open your SMS, and it’s very easy for them to reply. Because of its casual nature, it also makes the sales process less salesy and more conversational.

Use this opportunity to send personalised follow up text messages to leads.

Another worthwhile thing to mention is that text messaging is especially convenient for busy periods when your sales team have back to back appointments, but need to respond to an enquiry.

Appointment confirmation & reminders

Many service providers already provide appointment confirmation and reminders through text, and they’re incredibly helpful.

Why? Because your leads are reassured that they are valued and that you are expecting them. It also prevents no-shows, especially if your texts are personalised.


Mass text messages to cold leads are a good way to re-engage them, whether you offer a free pass or your gym is having an Open Day.

Collecting feedback

Make your new members feel valued by asking for feedback using SMS. It’s not confrontational for them and it’s extremely useful for you to know what your team did well and what they could improve on in the sales process.


  • Text messaging can save you more time and effort than calling.
  • Texting is often more convenient for leads, especially those that work full-time.
  • Texting is more scalable – you can create templates that are automatically personalised if you use lead management software like GymLeads.
  • Ask your leads to choose their preferred method of communication.
  • Try using text messaging for:
    • Following up with leads
    • Appointment confirmation
    • Appointment reminders
    • Promotions
    • Collecting feedback

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