Marketing Automation is Right Around the Corner

Marketing Automation is Right Around the Corner

The GymLeads crew are excited to give you a sneak peek at something we’ve been working on over the past few months.

GymLeads Marketing is our brand new email and SMS marketing platform that ties in seamlessly with the GymLeads Sales app.

  • Set up email and SMS funnels for your leads and members, that can be triggered by a variety of different events.
  • Create stunning HTML emails with an easy drag-and-drop template builder.
  • A new and improved SMS and email campaign builder, with link tracking, scheduling and more.
  • Automatically track different segments of your leads so you can provide more personalized service.

While we’re putting on the finishing touches you can preview all the features in detail below. GymLeads Marketing will be available to all new and existing customers in the coming month.


Put your emails and SMS on autopilot with funnels. Set up autoresponders, appointment reminders, onboarding emails and much more. You can create and tweak your own funnels, or use one of the pre-set funnels we provide for you.


Groups will automatically allocate your leads into groups representing different segments of your customer base. Create your groups, set up some rules, and then sit back as GymLeads does the rest. You can use groups in your funnels and bulk SMS and Emails, to make communication even more personalized.



Group Automation Rules


The brand new Templates feature lets you craft your own stylish emails with a simple drag-and-drop template builder that lets you add images, links, buttons and all the styling you could want.

For quick, text-only emails, we have ‘quick send’ templates, that the sales team can send out quickly without having to worry about loading the full HTML editor. This is very similar to the way emails work at the moment, but you’ll be able to edit the style of them to match your companies branding.

We’ve also got a brand new SMS template builder that can shorten any links to decrease the length of your message. You can also preview how the template will look for a lead so you can get real time feedback.

HTML Templates

SMS Builder

Bulk Messaging

Previously known as Campaigns, the Bulk Messaging feature has been redesigned, from the ground up, to use the new marketing features.

Work through a simple, step-by-step checklist to prepare and send your message. With built-in spam compliance checks and merge tag validation you can hit send with absolute confidence.

With automatic link shortening and tracking you’ll have detailed reporting streaming in as soon as leads receive your message.

Want to send it for later? Now you can schedule a bulk message to be sent at a later date.

Bulk Emails

Bulk Email Checklist

Bulk Email Audience

Bulk Email Settings

Bulk Email Test

Bulk Email Status

Coming in March

GymLeads Marketing will be available in March to all users with a GymLeads subscription.

By default the following user roles will have the app enabled in their accounts:

  • Owners
  • Franchise owners
  • Admins
  • Sales managers

GymLeads users with the app enabled will see an app toggle in the header allowing them to switch between the sales and marketing apps.

App Toggle









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