10 Signs You Need Sales Automation Software For Your Gym

10 Signs You Need Sales Automation Software For Your Gym

Many gym owners start off using spreadsheets to manage their leads and sales process. Once you start marketing on different channels like Facebook ads and Adwords, this stops becoming manageable and it slows down your sales significantly.

This is when it’s time to consider using sales automation software for your gym.

What is sales automation software?

Sales automation software helps you automate your sales process. That means, the software does as many of the manual tasks that you regularly do as possible, like sales admin tasks. For example, GymLeads has automatic appointment confirmation and reminders when someone books a tour at a gym. 

For the health and fitness industry, sales automation is particularly helpful because it gives you more time and mental energy to manage more sales leads, and to provide them a personalised experience.


What kind of tasks does it automate?

Sales automation software can help your entire sales process, from someone becoming a lead, all the way to converting into a member of your gym. Here are some ways it can help.

  • Imports leads into one place automatically
  • Creates contact records automatically
  • Assigns leads to salespeople
  • Assists with the manual tasks in your sales process
  • Live sales reporting


Do I need sales automation software for my gym?

In short, yes. In general, using software will make your life a lot easier by doing manual tasks that can be done by computers. This applies not just to your sales, but accounting and even some aspects of customer service.

If you have identify with the following situations, it’s time to start automating your sales process.

  1. You’ve forgotten to follow up with a sales lead.
  2. You manually import leads from several places.
  3. You go back and forth with a lead to try and find the best time to meet/call.
  4. You call leads in alphabetical order rather than best fit.
  5. You don’t have/follow a documented sales process.
  6. You don’t know where to start to improve how your team approaches sales.
  7. You write follow up emails and texts from scratch every time.
  8. You’re finding it hard to know how many leads you have at any given time.
  9. You don’t know how your individual salespeople are performing.
  10. You don’t have/work towards a set monthly sales goal.


How do I start?

To find the best sales automation software for your gym, consider all the existing software providers that you currently use, like MINDBODY. It’s important all the different systems talk to each other.

GymLeads integrates with all major software providers in the gym industry, and our pricing is month to month, so you can try it out for a few months to see for yourself.

Book a demo today.

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