9 Ways To Use Email Marketing For Your Gym

9 Ways To Use Email Marketing For Your Gym

Email marketing is completely underrated. Depending on your goals, you can get serious results from this marketing channel, whether you’re hoping to convert leads or keep your members coming back. Here are 9 ways you can use email marketing for your gym.

To convert leads into members

If you are struggling to close your leads and turn them into paying members of your gym, emails can help to keep them warm.

1. Follow up emails

I’ve had my fair share of experiencing joining new gyms, and the number of times that someone has failed to follow up with me after an appointment or a free trial is shocking. Apart from leaving a poor first impression on your leads, not following up is leaving missed opportunities on the table. Leads who have already taken a tour or visited your gym are the most precious, and a simple email thanking them for visiting with next steps shouldn’t be overlooked.

2. Lead nurturing emails

When a lead is in the process of signing up, on a waitlist or in the middle of a trial, it’s a good time to share more information with them about why they should become a member. Focus on what makes your gym/studio special, and how it can make their lives better. It can even be something as simple as ‘5 benefits of doing HIIT training regularly’.

3. End of trial offer emails

Trials are quite common nowadays with many gyms and studios, but so many still fail to convert leads to members. Before the trial ends, remind the lead of the membership options you offer, and when their trial ends. It’s also a good time to offer any special offers or discounts to sweeten the deal.

This is an ‘End of Trial’ template we created using GymLeads Marketing.

To keep your members engaged

Just because someone becomes a paying member doesn’t mean you can neglect them. Don’t take customers for granted. We recommend setting up these emails in an automated funnel so it’s set-and-forget, and you still win points for taking care of your members.

4. Welcome emails

This is a very simple welcoming new members to your studio and sharing any useful information with them. You could consider sharing:

  • Opening and closing hours
  • Car parking tips
  • Classes and workshops
  • Amenities
  • How to get in touch

5. Milestone emails

Maybe it’s their birthday, or it’s their membership anniversary. Whatever it is, take the chance to celebrate with your members. This can be easily automated with GymLeads Marketing funnels, and it shows care and appreciation. And if your budget allows, throw in a complimentary pass or something similar.

6. Newsletter emails

Whenever you add a new class to the timetable, you’ve welcomed a new trainer or even if you’ve added a new kind of soap to the showers, use it as an opportunity to stay connected with your members. I would email your members a newsletter at most once a month, and share a range of highlights and news.

This is a section of a ‘Newsletter’ template we created using GymLeads Marketing.

7. Feedback emails

Don’t ask, don’t receive. If you’re stuck in a rut, it might be a good idea to ask for feedback from the best people possible – your customers. Some people aren’t the kind to want to share their thoughts with you face to face, but through email they may be more inclined. It’s a chance to ask for any feedback on how to improve your studio/gym.

To grow your memberships

The best kind of marketing is through word of mouth. That is, referral marketing. Your customers will end up being your best advocates if you give them cause to share about your gym. This is an old but effective way to grow your business.

8. Referral emails

Ask your loyal members to invite a friend to your studio with them, and sweeten the deal by offering a discount on their membership or throw in a freebie. Timing matters here – don’t ask them to invite a friend too early on!

This is an ‘Share with a friend’ template we created using GymLeads Marketing.

9. Promotional emails

Trying a variety of promotions and sharing them with your members from time to time can attract new leads. We’ve seen some gyms successfully host Open Days, inviting the community to come in and try the gym for free for the day. We’ve also seen special classes, like Kettlebell Techniques workshops, work well as long as they are open to the public.

Setting up email marketing for your gym is easy with GymLeads Marketing, which automates your email and SMS marketing. Book a demo today.

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