5 Things To Consider When Choosing Sales Software For Your Gym

5 Things To Consider When Choosing Sales Software For Your Gym

5 Things To Consider When Choosing Sales Software For Your Gym

Choosing the right lead management software for your fitness business is not easy, especially if you’ve been using Excel spreadsheets and notebooks up till now. It’s important to consider a few things before you make the final decision on what you and your sales team will be using to assist with your sales process. Here’s a quick list to help!

Features you’ll need

This is the first place that we recommend starting. What do you actually want from your lead management software? Is it the ability to track your sales pipeline? Report on metrics? Communicate with your potential members?

Here are some key features for fitness business owners to look out for when choosing their lead management and sales software

  • Sales pipeline management
    Can you easily see how your leads are progressing?
  • Clear reporting
    Can you identify where your pipeline needs improvements easily?
  • Marketing automation
    Can you automate aspects of your marketing and communications with your leads?
  • Activity management
    Do your team have a clear workflow of how to approach and convert leads?
  • Contact management and communication
    Can you easily view, schedule future calls /appointments and manage your lead in the system?
  • Integrations with other key software/services
    Can you easily integrate with your membership software and other lead capture tools such as Facebook and your other landing pages?
  • Ability to import existing leads into the new software
    Are you able to easily import your existing leads into the new software?

When looking at the features of any software, some key questions to ask yourself are;

  • Do I need this feature in my business?
  • Is this feature relevant to my industry?
  • Is this feature/software easy to navigate and use?

There are a number of robust sales and marketing software options out there, but most are generic and not built to solve the sales and marketing problems for the fitness industry.

GymLeads has hundreds of customers in Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, United States, New Zealand and more. We are constantly improving and adding features that our customers believe will help with their bottom line in the fitness industry.

Usability – Is it easy to use?

There is no point spending implementing a lead management software if you and your team are going to find it hard to use. A key thing to look for when deciding on a software is how simple and easy it is for you and your team to navigate and use. Look for things like a simple user interface and intuitive processes. The easier it is to navigate and use the software, the more value you and your team will get out of it.  

GymLeads has a full-time in-house Engineering and Customer Success team based in Melbourne, Australia speak to customers everyday using our online chat service and implement their feedback quickly.

Customer support and training

When you start using new software, it will take some time to onboard and train your team properly. It’s very important that the software you choose provides training and help articles for your team. If you have technical questions or you need assistance, how reliable is their customer support and how will you contact them?

GymLeads offers a full set of easy to understand help articles and training when you first join. We also have online chat and email support.

Integration with marketing automation

Most fitness businesses use SMS and email to communicate and market with their leads and members. When looking for a lead management system, it’s important to look for an option that allows you to create, send and view all communications. Some key things to look for when evaluating the marketing capabilities of a lead management software are;

  • Ability to send HTML emails
  • Ability to manage leads subscription preferences automatically
  • Ability to create automated email/sms funnels
  • Ability to send bulk campaigns

If you start email and SMS marketing, it is far more convenient if you can manage leads end-to-end in one single platform. Otherwise, you’ll have to ensure the two platforms share the same information and you don’t accidentally send a new member promotional email to an existing member (it also creates a lot of manual work).

GymLeads offers CRM sales software and marketing automation, so you can manage your sales and marketing in one place.


Especially if you’re a small fitness business or someone just starting to dip their toes into lead management software, this can be the most important factor for you when choosing gym sales software.

Here are some things to watch out for when it comes to pricing:

  • Demo costs
  • Setup and training costs  
  • Lock-in contracts vs. month-to-month and notice periods
  • Cancellation fees
  • Billing periods
  • Scaling costs – does the cost increase if you add users or more leads?

GymLeads offers free demos, no setup and training costs, and a flat monthly fee, with no lock-in contracts and no cancellation fees. The price you start with is the price you get for life, even if you add more users and add more leads.

Book your GymLeads demo here.

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