Automate Your Sales Process Using Call Schedules

Automate Your Sales Process Using Call Schedules

Since launching GymLeads, we’ve found that even though gym owners and sales manager work hard to create a sales process for their teams to follow, it’s often forgotten after some time.

Sticking to a consistent sales process is really important because it helps you measure and improve your team’s sales performance. Having the sales process outlined and consistently followed means you will know your weak spots over time, and it will make it much easier to manage your sales team, especially as you get more leads.

To help you create a sustainable and lasting sales process for your team, we create Call Schedules. Think of this new GymLeads feature as a step by step guide in our platform that will walk each salesperson through each step of the sales process for every lead. Once you create your sales process, Call Schedules will help with the following:

  • How and when a lead needs to be followed up with

  • How long a lead stays in a sales funnel

  • Automatically send texts and emails if a sales call was unsuccessful

  • Automatically mark leads as inactive at the end of the schedule

GymLeads Call Schedules

Read our support article to learn how to set up your first call schedule in GymLeads.

If you’re not a GymLeads customer, book a free demo to learn more about automating your sales process. Our pricing is month to month, and our software is available internationally, whether you’re a small business or a large franchise.

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